Projects from 1990 to 2002

Assembly Test System

Assembly Test SystemComputer based modular and flexible test system for quick function testing of analog and digital signal-processing boards and assemblies and for quality assurance of sound and vibration measuring systems for the automotive industries. Article (German)...

Pager Messaging Service

Pager Messaging Service

Simple, web based and platform independent utility for the Swiss National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), which allows the sending of pager and SMS messages from a website (HTML page). It is available to an unrestricted number of users within the company network (Intranet / Internet). For reasons of safety and redundancy, the messages are transmitted over two independent channels / services. A control receiver serves for acknowledgement of receipt.

Biometric Access Control System

Biometric Access Control System

Complex, networked access control system for the high-security facilities of the Swiss Federal Administration (armasuisse). Expansion of the functionality and database. Integration of peripheral devices and biometric readers to autonomous terminal server. Data replication between independent systems via secured and encrypted networks (LAN/WAN). Article (German)...

Man-Machine Interfaces

Man - Machine Interfaces

Sophisticated graphical user interfaces for the control of industrial facilities such as Textile Fiber Cleaning Machines (Jossi) or Display Sputtering Systems (Oerlikon Balzers). The GUI communicates with the real-time control system and is responsible for the acquisition, visualization, analysis, administration, and storage of the measuring and machine data.

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