Projects from 2008 to 2011

SimWalk Pedestrian Simulation

SimWalk Transport Airport Pedestrian Simulation

Agent-based simulation software for analysis and optimization of pedestrian and traffic flows and for testing conception and performance capability of escape and rescue routes in buildings, shopping malls, sport stadiums, and at major events. SimWalk Transport additionally enables the realistic simulation of passengers and transportations (train, bus, trolley…) for analysis and prediction of layover, delay, and transfer times at railway and metro stations. SimWalk Airport is especially suitable for the modeling of check-ins, gates, baggage claims, waiting and transit areas, security and passport controls, terminals… at airports. Articles...Request demo version...

SimMan Project Manager & Installer

SimMan Simulation Project Manager InstallerDatabase based management software for editing and administration of client and project data. It generates, depending on the purchased product and options, a machine dependent license key with an appertaining enabling code. By means of entry of the license data with the installer, the corresponding features on the client computer are enabled, and the required software modules (DLLs) installed. In addition, it is possible to download and install optional software components from third-party vendors like drivers or plug-ins.

SimControl Diagnostic Terminal & Report

Diagnostic Terminal Test Report Generator

Utilities for diagnose and analysis of soft- and hardware components on a Windows computer. It allows the user to generate a detailed diagnostic and bug report and mail it as a HTML document to customer support. Optionally, other system, error, or log files as well as pictures (screenshots) can be attached.

SimDraw CAD Drawing Board

CAD drawing program for import (DWG, DXF, SVG, IFC), creation, editing, and administration of building and infrastructure drawings for the simulation software SimWalk. SimDraw is based on the TCAD component of seanus systems, which supports diverse vector and bitmap formats and up to 100 layers. Included are a Library Objects / Vehicle Designer and a 3D Modeler / Renderer.